VIDEO: Song Ji-hyo Perfectly Covers Rollin' by Brave Girls

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 7, 2021

VIDEO: Song Ji-hyo Perfectly Covers Rollin' by Brave Girls
Actress Song Ji-hyo showed off her flawless dancing skills during 'Running Man' fan meeting. 

On September 5, the members of SBS' popular television show 'Running Man' held an online fan meeting. 

Yu Jae Seok was unable to join the fan meeting, but the rest of the members filled his spot with various performances. 

They began the fan meeting by singing boy group BTOB's 'Missing You' together. 

Following that, they performed as a solo as well as duet. 

Out of many performances, the one that caught the attention of fans the most was Song Ji-hyo's solo stage. 

Song Ji-hyo performed one of this year's hottest tracks 'Rollin'' by girl group Brave Girls. 
Song Ji-hyoWith a cute yellow top and white shorts, Song Ji-hyo boasted her cute and sexy charms throughout the performance. 

Not only that, but she also managed to prove that she is a great dancer as well.

Although she is not a singer, she did not seem awkward on stage at all. 

About her solo performance, fans shared comments such as, "She did an awesome job!", "Make debut as a K-pop star, unnie!", "How are you good at everything?!" and more. 

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