VIDEO: Sooyoung Shares Why She Wishes to Form a Unit Just with Tall Members

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 7, 2021

VIDEO: Sooyoung Shares Why She Wishes to Form a Unit Just with Tall Members
Sooyoung of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared a funny but understandable reason why she wants to form a unit just with the tall members of the group. 

On September 5, Yuri updated her YouTube channel with a video of her and Sooyoung sitting down for a meal together.

While they talked over lunch, they also took time to answer some questions that were asked by fans in advance. 

One of the questions was, "Have you ever thought about the kind of Girls' Generation unit you wanted to be part of?" 
Girls' GenerationYuri commented, "I mean, I'm sure many fans loved seeing a unit like 'SHY' (Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri). 'SHY' performed a lot at concerts, so..." 

Sooyoung responded, "I would love for 'SHY' to make official debut! But you said you didn't want to, Yuri!" 

Yuri laughed, then said, "Well, we've never talked about it that deeply. How I think of 'SHY' is a weird unit. I feel like we might get laughed at, you know." 

Sooyoung said, "We can make it great, not weird. We can do better than 'Girls' Generation-TTS'." 
Girls' GenerationThen, Yuri asked Sooyoung if there was any other Girls' Generation unit that she personally thought of. 

Sooyoung answered, "I want a unit that consists of Seohyun, Yoona, you and I, just with the tall members. It's so that I don't use unnecessary energy while trying to get up and down for the short members." 

She continued, "Do you know what the hardest thing about 'Lion Heart' choreography? It was me trying not to cover Taeyeon. I had to make sure I was never at her mid-high level."

To this, Yuri nodded and commented, "Yeah, I know what you mean. You have to get back up quickly as well." 

(Credit= '유리한TV' YouTube, SM Entertainment) 

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