William Hammington Gets Out of His Iconic Hairstyle

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 7, 2021

William Hammington Gets Out of His Iconic Hairstyle
Korea-based New Zealander Australian comedian Sam Hammington's first son William Hammington found a new hairstyle that he likes. 

On September 5, Sam Hammington updated his Instagram with some new photos. 

The photos showed William Hammington at a barber shop with a completely different hairstyle. 

In the photos, William Hammington had much shorter hair; the shortest ever since he was a baby.  

Surprisingly, he got rid of his mid-neck length hair with straight bangs that he kept for years. 
William HammingtonRegarding the photos, Sam Hammington wrote, "Today was an emotional day. My little baby boy has taken his first step to becoming a big boy."

He resumed, "I knew it as soon as he said he wanted to change his hairstyle. I admit I had a cry to myself, but he will always be my son and my baby." 

He added, "At least Bentley (Sam Hammington's second son) still likes his hairstyle. Don't grow up too fast!" 
William HammingtonThen on September 6, a new post was uploaded on William Hammington's Instagram. 

Along with photos of William Hammington in his new hairstyle having some food at home, there was a fun writing. 

It said, "Mom says it feels so awkward to see me like this as if she has a new son. But I love my hairstyle." 
William Hammington(Credit= 'samhammington' 'williamhamington' Instagram) 

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