VIDEO: Japanese Baseball Player Looks Similar to BTS V?

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 8, 2021

VIDEO: Japanese Baseball Player Looks Similar to BTS V?
Many are talking about how much Japanese baseball player Yuasa Dai and V of K-pop boy group BTS look alike. 

Recently, one post was uploaded on a popular online community. 

The post was titled, 'This Japanese baseball player has been gaining a little attention in Japan for his resemblance to BTS V'. 
Yuasa DaiIn the post, there were photos and videos of Yuasa Dai taken at different times. 

Born in January 2000, Yuasa Dai is about four years younger than V, who was born in December 1995. 

Yuasa Dai is 172 cm, about 7 cm shorter than V. 

They seemed to give off similar vibes in some ways, but fans are currently debating over that. 
Yuasa DaiAbout half of them are agreeing that his facial features remind them of V; they say he could at least pass as V's cousin. 

The other half are stating that he does not look a single bit like V. 

Comments under this post include, "Their eyes and nose bridge seem to be pretty similar.", "I can see why some are saying the two look similar.", "V? Are you joking? No...", "Well, he's good-looking, but him and V definitely aren't that much alike." and more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'bts_twt' Twitter, '読売ジャイアンツ' YouTube) 

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