VIDEO: BTOB Lee Changsub Says He Worried that Lee Minhyuk Might Die from COVID-19

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 9, 2021

VIDEO: BTOB Lee Changsub Says He Worried that Lee Minhyuk Might Die from COVID-19
It was revealed that Lee Changsub of K-pop boy group BTOB worried that his fellow member Lee Minhyuk might lose his battle with COVID-19. 

On a recent radio show, Lee Changsub and Lee Minhyuk shared an interesting story that happened when Lee Minhyuk was battling COVID-19. 
BTOBLee Changsub stated, "When Lee Minhyuk was in the hospital, treating COVID-19, I was so worried. I kept texting him if he was okay, but he wasn't responding to any of my texts." 

Lee Minhyuk commented, "At that time, I was feeling so ill that I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even hold my phone up properly." 

After a laugh, Lee Changsub said, "Yeah, but I didn't know that. So, I sent him texts like, 'Hyung, what's going on? Are you okay? You are alive, right? I'm really worried right now.'"

He continued, "I got so worried that I called our managers and was like, 'I can't reach Minhyuk. Why is that? Is he okay? Can you call the hospital to check if he's okay?'" 
BTOBFollowing that, Lee Minhyuk said, "Ah, yes. I remember that. When I felt as if I could almost die from coughing too much, the phone in my isolation room rang. I picked it up with difficulty." 

He went on, "The nurse said, 'Your company staff said they can't reach you. You might want to give them a call.' I thought there was some sort of problem, so I called one of our managers.

He laughingly resumed, "The manager was like, 'Oh, nothing's wrong. Changsub just wanted to check if you were holding up fine.'" 
BTOBThen, Lee Minhyuk was asked how he felt about Lee Changsub worrying about him. 

Lee Minhyuk answered, "It was touching. Changsub isn't the best at showing how he feels to us, and I got to know how he really thinks about me, so... I felt thankful as well." 

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