Kim Hyun-soo Shares that She Would Like to Go Romantic with Kim Young Dae Again

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 13, 2021

Kim Hyun-soo Shares that She Would Like to Go Romantic with Kim Young Dae Again
Actress Kim Hyun-soo shared that she hopes to go romantic with actor Kim Young Dae in her future project again. 

On September 11, Kim Hyun-soo sat down for an interview with the press to talk about wrapping up her recently-ended drama 'The Penthouse 3: War in Life'. 

In the drama, Kim Hyun-soo played a character named 'Bae Ro-na', who fights against 'corrupted' wealthy families at 'Hera Palace'. 

During the course of her fight, 'Bae Ro-na' and 'Joo Seok-hoon' (Kim Young Dae), a son of her family's enemy 'Joo Dan-tae', fall in love with each other, and begin their 'rough' and 'tough' romance. 
The Penthouse: War in LifeRegarding her on-screen romance with Kim Young Dae, Kim Hyun-soo said, "It was my first time showing my acting for romantic scenes, so I was worried a lot." 

She resumed, "But I felt thankful as many viewers expressed tremendous love for 'Bae Ro-na'-'Joo Seok-hoon' romance. The love and support was a big help" 
The Penthouse: War in LifeThen, Kim Hyun-soo mentioned how she was a little sad about the fact that 'The Penthouse: War in Life' was not a romance drama. 

Kim Hyun-soo said, "As 'The Penthouse: War in Life' is a revenge drama, our romance wasn't shown much at all, which was kind of sad and disappointing in some ways." 

She continued, "If I get a chance, I would like to try acting in a romantic comedy project in the future. If I also get a chance to act with Kim Young Dae again, it would be great if we could go romantic again." 
The Penthouse: War in LifeFirst broadcast in October 2020, 'The Penthouse: War in Life' ended with the third season on September 10. 

For the last year, 'The Penthouse: War in Life' was one of the most-watched as well as most-talked about dramas. 

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