HyunA Hilariously Responds to DAWN Saying He Will Not Love Anyone If He Breaks Up with Her

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 13, 2021

HyunA Hilariously Responds to DAWN Saying He Will Not Love Anyone If He Breaks Up with Her
The 5-year K-pop artist couple HyunA and DAWN showed off their incredible chemistry. 

On September 10, HyunA and DAWN featured in one YouTube video where they were interviewed by comedian Lee Yong-jin. 
HyunA and DAWNDuring the interview, Lee Yong-jin asked the couple, "Who flirted to who first?" 

HyunA laughed and answered, "It was me, actually. It felt like DAWN was different to many other guys." 

She explained, "Not only was he my style to begin with, but he also didn't ask for my number until our special unit was over. We promoted together for ages, you know." 
HyunA and DAWNThen, Lee Yong-jin commented, "You two previously said that you made a promise not to delete each other's photos on social media even you break up. Is that promise still valid?" 

DAWN responded, "Of course. I will definitely keep them.", then playfully added, "Because I can just make a new account of myself." 

As if DAWN tried to pick up the pieces, he said with a straight face, "Honestly though, I'm not going to love anyone if I break up with HyunA." 

While he said this, HyunA frowned, then hit him in his chest and said, "What the... Stop it.", making everybody burst out laughing. 
HyunA and DAWNAfter that, DAWN was asked what he thinks about HyunA as a musician. 

He answered, "As a musician, HyunA is definitely someone to look up to. I have great respect for her. Out of all musicians, I would say I respect HyunA the most."

Once again, HyunA created a funny scene with her confused look on her face. 

DAWN continued, "I didn't think that before I was with her. But after we were together, I got to witness how she works, and was like 'Wow, she's amazing.'"  

(Credit= '스튜디오 와플 - STUDIO WAFFLE' YouTube) 

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