GUMMY ♥ Cho Jung Seok Plan on Having Their Second Child?

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 14, 2021

GUMMY ♥ Cho Jung Seok Plan on Having Their Second Child?
Singer GUMMY made everyone jealous with how sweet her married life with actor Cho Jung Seok is. 

During the recent recording for Channel A's television show 'Lala Land', GUMMY revealed her happy married life with Cho Jung Seok. 

When asked how they call each other, GUMMY answered, "Well, I just call him 'oppa'." 

With a shy smile, she continued, "He calls me by my real name 'Ji-yeon' or 'wifey'." 

She laughingly added, "But when he wants a serious conversation about music with me, he calls me 'GUMMY'." 
GUMMYThen, one of the hosts Shin Dong Yeop asked whether they had any plans on having a second child. 

GUMMY sweated at an unexpected question, then said, "I don't know if my husband wants another child..." 

But Shin Dong Yeop responded, "Oh, I had a drink with Jung Seok a short while ago, and he does want another one." 

GUMMY's eyes widened in surprise and said, "What? Why did he say such things to you...?"

After saying that, GUMMY smiled, and the smile stayed with her for ages. 
GUMMY(Credit= Channel A Lala Land, C-JeS Entertainment) 

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