Lee Kwang Soo Thinks He Is Filming 'Running Man' on Another Show?

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 14, 2021

Lee Kwang Soo Thinks He Is Filming 'Running Man' on Another Show?
Actor Lee Kwang Soo was spotted suffering from 'Running Man' disease(?). 

On September 13 episode of tvN's television show 'Rent House on Wheels', Lee Kwang Soo, actor Kang He Neul and actress Han Hyo Joo went on a trip together. 

While taking some resting in their accommodation following their arrival, Lee Kwang Soo kept going here and there. 

Kang He Neul told him, "There is nothing around, hyung. Just sit down and get some rest." 

Lee Kwang Soo responded, "I haven't done 'getting some rest' for the last 11 years. How can I rest? I must do this." 
Lee Kwang SooThen when they went to a supermarket, Lee Kwang Soo also busily went around the supermarket as if he was being chased after. 

Lee Kwang Soo quickly found the items that they needed to buy, and put them in the cart. 

While checking what else they needed, Han Hyo Joo said, "We need a loaf of bread." 

As soon as Lee Kwang Soo heard this, he disappeared from the two and cameras, trying to find a loaf of bread as fast as he could. 
Lee Kwang SooAs Lee Kwang Soo race through the aisles, Han Hyo Joo commented, "Oppa, we are not on a mission right now. It's not like we have to buy everything within a limited period of time."

Lee Kwang Soo laughed and said, "Ah, I guess I'm just too used to doing this. It's almost as if I have an occupational disease."  

He laughingly continued, "I feel like finding a loaf of bread will make me win the game." 
Lee Kwang Soo'Running Man' is a popular game-based show that first aired in July 2010. 

Lee Kwang Soo joined 'Running Man' from the very first episode, but stepped down from the show this May due to his injury. 

(Credit= tvN Rent House on Wheels, SBS Running Man) 

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