Kim So Yeon Reveals a Scene in 'The Penthouse' that Actually Gave Her a Nightmare

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 15, 2021

Kim So Yeon Reveals a Scene in 'The Penthouse' that Actually Gave Her a Nightmare
Actress Kim So Yeon shared which scene in 'The Penthouse: War in Life' made her have a nightmare. 

Recently, Kim So Yeon sat down for an interview with the press to talk about her recently-ended drama 'The Penthouse: War in Life'. 
The Penthouse: War in LifeDuring the interview, Kim So Yeon chose one particular scene that was the hardest for her to act. 

Kim So Yeon said, "As the evil character Chun Seo-jin, I've acted a great number of scenes where she let out the most villain-like behaviors."

The actress continued, "At those times, I kept reminding myself that all the things that Chun Seo-jin was doing were the right things to do, because she really would think like that." 

She went on, "There was still one scene that I couldn't think that way though. It was the scene where Chun Seo-jin just let Oh Yoon-hee fall off a cliff." 

In this scene, Oh Yoon-hee was stopping the rolling car from falling off a cliff to save Chun Seo-jin's daughter Ha Eun-byul who was unconscious inside the car. 

But Chun Seo-jin decided not to save her rival Oh Yoon-hee after quickly saving her daughter, letting her die.
The Penthouse: War in LifeRegarding this scene, Kim So Yeon said, "When I first read the script for the scene, I was in pure shock. I told myself that I was going to hate Chun Seo-jin after the drama ended, not any time before it ended." 

She resumed, "However, I emotionally struggled a lot after filming that scene. I was so stressed that I even had a nightmare." 

She added, "I even texted Eugene who acted Oh Yoon-hee right before that episode was aired, as I felt really horrible about Chun Seo-jin doing that to Oh Yoon-hee." 
The Penthouse: War in LifeFirst aired in October 2020, 'The Penthouse: War in Life' ended with a successful viewing rate of 19.1% on September 10. 

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