Lee Sung Kyoung Talks About Living in an Old Shack & Tiny Rented Home in Her Younger Days

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 17, 2021

Lee Sung Kyoung Talks About Living in an Old Shack & Tiny Rented Home in Her Younger Days
Actress Lee Sung Kyoung talked about her childhood when she lived in an old shack and tiny rented home. 

On September 15 episode of JTBC's television show 'Serimoney Club', Lee Sung Kyoung made a guest appearance. 
Lee Sung KyoungDuring the talk, the host Kim Jong-kook shared that Lee Sung Kyoung may look as if she grew up wealthy, but her family actually struggled a lot with money in her childhood. 

Lee Sung Kyoung said, "When I was four years old, my dad started running a factory. But the factory went bankrupt, and we began to be in lots of debt." 

She continued, "So, we moved to this really old shack, then to a tiny rented home where our family could barely fit our furniture, belongings and ourselves. I lived there until I was in high school." 
Lee Sung KyoungShe went on, "Once, my friend came by to borrow my umbrella, and was like, 'How can you seriously live in a place like that?' I was so embarrassed then." 

The actress added, "When my dad used to ride me to school/after-school academy, I used to ask him to drop me off at a place a little distant from school/after-school academy, because we had a trashy car." 
Lee Sung KyoungThen, Lee Sung Kyoung said her family prayed every day for them to live in an average family-sized home and own an SUV car. 

But she explained her background actually helped her in many ways. 

Lee Sung Kyoung said, "I previously asked myself, 'Would it have been good if my family was wealthy?' But the answer I came up for that was a definite no." 

She resumed, "All the memories from my childhood when we were financially struggling hard are very precious to me. Each of them is something I should feel thankful for." 
Lee Sung Kyoung(Credit= JTBC Serimoney Club) 

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