BEOMGYU Shares How Sweetly V Responded When He Regretted Pulling a Prank on Him

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 23, 2021

BEOMGYU Shares How Sweetly V Responded When He Regretted Pulling a Prank on Him
BEOMGYU of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) revealed V of another boy group BTS' sweet response to him being sad. 

On September 21, BEOMGYU and TXT's leader SOOBIN went live on NAVER V LIVE. 
TXTDuring the live broadcast, BEOMGYU was suddenly reminded of the past when he covered BTS' song 'Boy in Luv' with his fellow group members. 

BEOMGYU said, "I made a mistake during the performance for 'Boy in Luv' and I was so upset about it." 

He continued, "It was more upsetting, because I practiced really hard for it and was confident to perform well." 
TXTThen, BEOMGYU talked about going to BTS' waiting room after the performance. 

The K-pop star said, "At that time, V pulled a prank on me. He basically pretended to give me a hard time for making a mistake. We're really close to each other, by the way." 

He resumed, "As I heard his words, I started to feel even more horrible about my mistake that I just burst out crying. I didn't cry because I was upset about what he said to me or anything. I was simply very upset with myself." 

He went on, "After he saw my tears, V started sweating, and his eyes looked as if they were completely lost. Then, he was like, 'You did well. You did well. Don't be upset.' and gave me a hug."
TXTSOOBIN added, "Oh yes, I remember that. Actually, I heard that the other members of BTS were going to join V's prank, but then as they saw you cry, they scolded V instead." 

He laughingly continued, "They were like, 'Hey, V! Why did you make BEOMGYU cry?! Why did you say such things to him?' It was pretty funny." 
TXT and BTS are under the same management agency HYBE Labels. 

(Credit= 'bangtan.official' Facebook, 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER' NAVER V LIVE)

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