JUNGMO Shows Off His All-time Favorite Item: BTS' Signed Album with a Sweet Message

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 24, 2021

JUNGMO Shows Off His All-time Favorite Item: BTS' Signed Album with a Sweet Message
K-pop boy group BTS' huge fan JUNGMO of boy group CRAVITY showed off his BTS' signed album. 

Recently, JUNGMO guested on NAVER NOW's radio show 'Idols in the Middle of the Night' (literal title), hosted by I.M and KIHYUN of boy group MONSTA X. 
JUNGMOFor this episode of 'Idols in the Middle of the Night', JUNGMO was asked to bring his all-time favorite item with him. 

When I.M asked JUNGMO if he could show the listeners what his all-time favorite item was, he took out BTS' signed album that he received some years ago. 

On the album, BTS wrote, "To JUNGMO. Hi there, this is BTS. Thank you so much for your support. If you keep working hard, there will be a good outcome. We'll also root for you! You can do it!" 
JUNGMORegarding this one and only album, JUNGMO said, "I've been a fan of BTS since I was in high school, so I bought BTS' official merchandise and albums. I went to their concerts as well." 

He continued, "The reason I started dreaming of becoming a K-pop star was all due to BTS. When I was a trainee, I got really lucky and was able to get this signed album. It's so precious to me." 
Then, JUNGMO carried on to express his love for BTS. 

JUNGMO said, "At the end of a tough day, I come home and look at BTS' videos and photos that I haven't seen yet. That's the greatest stress relief." 

He resumed, "As they do so many things, I sometimes can't catch up with everything they do. So, I even secretly looked at what they were doing in the middle of my lessons in school."  
Following the recording of this radio show, fans spotted JUNGMO coming out of the studio with the signed album in his arms as if he was holding a baby, making them laugh. 
JUNGMO(Credit= NAVER NOW, 'lollipop000205' Twitter) 

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