"When I Saw JENNIE, I Was like..." 'Squid Game' Lee Jung Jae Says He Is BLACKPINK's Fan

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 27, 2021

"When I Saw JENNIE, I Was like..." 'Squid Game' Lee Jung Jae Says He Is BLACKPINK's Fan
Actor Lee Jung Jae shared that he is a fan of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. 

On September 25, Netflix Korea uploaded an interview of the cast of Netflix's popular series 'Squid Game'. 
Lee Jung JaeDuring the interview, the cast was asked if they could tell their favorite video on Netflix. 

Lee Jung Jae immediately answered, "It's got to be BLACKPINK's documentary 'Light Up the Sky'." 

The actor explained, "I'm not like a huge fan of BLACKPINK or anything, but it turned out JENNIE and Jung Hoyeon here are very close to each other." 

He continued, "Not too long ago, JENNIE made a visit to our shooting site to see Jung Hoyeon. She sent her a snack truck then as well." 

He went on, "At that time when I saw JENNIE, I was like, 'Oh my...! Wow, it's JENNIE!' It was really cool to see her in person." 
Lee Jung JaeThen, Lee Jung Jae revealed how he started to like BLACKPINK. 

Lee Jung Jae said, "After watching 'Light Up the Sky', I thought to myself, 'That's amazing how they came to become BLACKPINK following such fierce competition.'"

He resumed, "BLACKPINK is like no. 1 K-pop girl group right now. They worked so hard to get to where they are, and I was fascinated by that. That's how I become their fan." 

After that, actor Park Hae Soo laughingly commented, "Lee Jung Jae recommended 'Light Up the Sky' to me. After watching it, I've become a fan of BLACKPINK too." 

(Credit= 'BLACKPINKOFFICIAL' Facebook, 'Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아' YouTube) 

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