Simon Pegg Says He Wants to Meet BTS & Feature in a Drama with JIN

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 27, 2021

Simon Pegg Says He Wants to Meet BTS & Feature in a Drama with JIN
English actor Simon Pegg shared his love for K-pop boy group BTS. 

On September 26, Netflix Korea shared an interesting post on Instagram. 

The post was a photo of Simon Pegg saying hi to the camera while wearing the Netflix's popular series 'Squid Game' tracksuit and holding the game machine. 

On top of the machine, there were some special stones for gongginori (traditional Korean game) as well as the 'Squid Game' character 'Young-hee'. 

Next to him, there was a life-size cutout of JIN of BTS waving his hand that looked very real. 

Over this photo, Netflix Korea wrote, "The tracksuit looks so good on him that it looks as if he owned it for years." 

They continued, "It looks like JIN is waving to us with Simon Pegg. Also, the surprising fact is Simon Pegg just sent us this photo." 
Simon PeggThen on September 27, Simon Pegg went live on Instagram to communicate with fans around the world. 

During the live, Simon Pegg unleashed his inner ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom). 

Simon Pegg said, "I plan to watch BTS and Coldplay's 'My Universe' documentary with my daughter Tilly soon. Honestly, the most famous person who Tilly and I want to meet is BTS." 

Then, the actor read a comment that said, "You and JIN should be in a Korean drama together!"

Immediately after reading the comment, he excitedly responded, "Yes!" 
Simon Pegg(Credit= 'netflixkr' 'simonpegg' Instagram, 'bangtan.official' Facebook) 

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