DARA Hints at Her Long-awaited Comeback as a Singer

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 28, 2021

DARA Hints at Her Long-awaited Comeback as a Singer
K-pop artist DARA hinted at her long-awaited comeback as a singer in the recent interview. 

On September 28, fashion magazine 'DAZED' released an interview of DARA online. 
DARADuring the interview, DARA talked about joining a new agency after leaving YG Entertainment where she stayed for 17 years. 

DARA said, "I was nervous about starting new at my agency. But everyone here, including labelmates, staff and CEO, were so welcoming and supportive." 

She continued, "Some of my fans sent me flowers to my new agency as well. I feel like I'm already used to this new place." 
DARAThen, DARA spoke about her work, "I've been really busy these days. I actually became busier after the pandemic. Things worked out for me well." 

She resumed, "I've been doing a variety of work, except for the work as a singer. It hasn't been so easy to do that for many reasons."

She went on, "But I'm planning on working on an album soon. I want to do the sort of music that would allow me to highlight the song, performance as well as fashion." 

After that, DARA revealed that she is also planning on re-starting her YouTube channel 'DARA TV' that she temporarily put on hold a while ago. 
DARABack in May, DARA parted ways with YG Entertainment following the end of their contract and joined ABYSS Company. 

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