VIDEO: Vocal JUNGKOOK Perfectly Raps & Rapper RM Flawlessly Sings?

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 29, 2021

VIDEO: Vocal JUNGKOOK Perfectly Raps & Rapper RM Flawlessly Sings?
K-pop boy group BTS' members JUNGKOOK and RM showed off their amazing skills in music. 

On September 28, a new episode of BTS' online show 'Run BTS! 2021' was unveiled on NAVER V LIVE. 
BTSIn this episode, the members of BTS were given a mission to perfectly sing old songs using a singing machine.

When 'Loner' by rapper Outsider was played during the mission, BTS' vocal JUNGKOOK got up and grabbed a microphone. 

JUNGKOOK started to rap to the song without even looking at the lyrics on screen. 

Not only that, he was actually really great at rapping. 

As the rappers of BTS listened to him rap, they commented, "Wow, he's so good.", "How did he memorize all the lyrics?", "I'm truly impressed." and more. 

After demonstrating his awesome rap skills, JUNGKOOK sat back on his seat with a shy smile, immediately returning to cute maknae JUNGKOOK. 
During this mission, rapper RM also amazed everyone with his singing skills. 

As 'Memory of the Wind' by singer NAUL was played, RM confidently walked towards the singing machine. 

RM was trying to be playful and funny throughout the song, since singing was not his specialty. 

However, he was remarkably excellent at singing 'Memory of the Wind'. 

His singing voice and ability made everybody raise their thumb up. 
(Credit= 'BTS' NAVER V LIVE) 

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