VIDEO: MONSTA X Perfectly Illustrate a Day in the Life of K-pop Fans

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 29, 2021

VIDEO: MONSTA X Perfectly Illustrate a Day in the Life of K-pop Fans
K-pop boy group MONSTA X perfectly imitated what their fans do when they gather together. 

On September 28, MONSTA X updated the group's YouTube channel with an eye-catching video.

The video was titled, 'The Way that MONSTA X Love MONBEBE Part. 2', and it was entirely produced by the members themselves. 

In this video, MONSTA X members hung out with each other as MONBEBE (the name of MONSTA X's fandom). 
MONSTA XFirst, they went to a "record store" to buy MONSTA X's ninth mini album 'One of a Kind'. 

After they bought the album, they sat around and simultaneously unboxed them. 

While they looked at the photos and photocards in the album, they repeatedly shrieked, "Oh my...! Look at this!" 

They then discussed whether they won a ticket to the fan signing event, and played about with merchandise stickers. 
MONSTA XAfter that, the members of MONSTA X sat on the table for some late-night snack with (fake) soju. 

Before they ate and drank, each of them took their photocard out and flocked them together in the middle of the table, and shook them here and there in excitement.

While they had their food and soju, they talked about MONSTA X's latest news, and said such things like, "Let's be MONBEBE forever, guys!" and so on. 

It seemed like MONSTA X frequently monitored MONBEBE's activities online, because those were what not only MONBEBE but also most of the K-pop fans do when they meet.

As such a great number of K-pop fans found the video so relatable, this video is trending on YouTube in Korea at the moment. 

(Credit= 'MONSTA X' YouTube, 'OfficialMonstaX' Facebook) 

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