OH MY GIRL SEUNGHEE Says She Has Been Getting Hate Comments Since 11 Years Old

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 30, 2021

OH MY GIRL SEUNGHEE Says She Has Been Getting Hate Comments Since 11 Years Old
SEUNGHEE of K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL shared that she has been receiving hate comments since the young age, and it has not been so easy. 

On September 29 episode of KBS' television show 'Museum of Broken Relationships', SEUNGHEE made a guest appearance. 
SEUNGHEEDuring the talk, SEUNGHEE mentioned how upset she feels to read hate comments online. 

SEUNGHEE said, "When I was little, I appeared on various television shows, such as 'STARKING'. Haters gave me a hard time since then." 

She continued, "I even read a comment that said, 'Seriously, don't live your life like that.' when I was only 11 years old. I didn't even know how to live my life then, you know." 
SEUNGHEEThen, SEUNGHEE shared what sort of hate comments she received the most after making debut as a member of OH MY GIRL. 

SEUNGHEE said, "Lots of hate comments were to do with the way I looked. They would refer to my face as a 'crushed' face. It was my first time even knowing that the word like that was used to describe someone's appearance."

She went on, "I mean, I was not as hurt by those comments myself, but my parents were. They kept apologizing to me, saying that they were sorry to make me born this way. That's what makes me angry." 
SEUNGHEEBut SEUNGHEE shared she tries not to think the comments about her looks too negatively. 

SEUNGHEE said, "Nowadays when I see that kind of comments, I think to myself, 'Oh, they're probably saying horrible stuff about my face, because I have no other bad things to say about." 

(Credit= KBS Museum of Broken Relationships) 

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