Wi Ha-jun Shares How Excited He Felt to Work with Lee Byung Hun in 'Squid Game'

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 30, 2021

Wi Ha-jun Shares How Excited He Felt to Work with Lee Byung Hun in 'Squid Game'
Actor Wi Ha-jun revealed how excited he felt about working with actor Lee Byung Hun in 'Squid Game'. 

On September 30, Wi Ha-jun sat down for a video interview with the press. 
Wi Ha-junDuring the interview, Wi Ha-jun spoke about acting in Netflix's current global mega hit series 'Squid Game'.  

Wi Ha-jun said, "'Squid Game' was going to be made by such amazing director and actors/actresses that I really wanted to become part of it." 

He continued with a smile, "I auditioned for my role as 'Hwang Jun-ho'. I did my best at the audition, and thankfully managed to get my part in the series." 
Wi Ha-junThen, Wi Ha-jun mentioned acting with Lee Byung Hun in the series as brothers. 

Wi Ha-jun said, "I was told that Lee Byung Hun's character and my character were brothers prior to the shooting. I was so excited about that." 

He resumed, "When I met Lee Byung Hun, I got super excited. Actually, I was really excited even before I met him. I've always been his fan. I love his acting." 

He went on, "After filming together, I realized even more that he was an incredible actor. Every lines and expressions he delivered made my heart beat fast." 
Wi Ha-junAfter that, the actor also mentioned what Lee Byung Hun was like when the cameras were off. 

Wi Ha-jun said, "We ate together, and he took such great care of me then. Not only was he caring, but also was friendly. I was very touched. He treated me extremely well."

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