LeeTeuk Shares His Dream of Having a Concert-like Wedding with Fans

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 1, 2021

LeeTeuk Shares His Dream of Having a Concert-like Wedding with Fans
LeeTeuk of K-pop boy group Super Junior revealed what kind of wedding he dreams of having in the future. 

On September 29 episode of JTBC's television show 'Bride X Club', LeeTeuk shared his dream wedding.

While on the topic of wedding, LeeTeuk said, "I want to have my wedding at the Olympic Stadium with my fans in the seats." 

He continued, "Well, I don't know if my fans would like to come, and they might get upset and annoyed, but I just want to make my wedding a fun event." 
LeeTeukThen, LeeTeuk gave some details of his plans for the wedding. 

LeeTeuk said, "In the first half of my wedding, Super Junior will perform. It'll be like Super Junior's mini concert. I'll maybe invite some of my labelmates to perform as well." 

He went on, "The real ceremony for the wedding will begin in the second half. A helicopter will drop me off to the main stage as the second half starts." 

He resumed, "After that, my bride and I will walk down the aisle together. That's my dream wedding." 
LeeTeukAfter listening to his plan, all female hosts of the show shook their heads side-to-side and stated, "That's the kind of wedding that girls would absolutely hate." 

In response to this, LeeTeuk laughed and commented with an awkward smile, "Oh, really?" 
LeeTeuk(Credit= JTBC Bride X Club) 

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