"It's Not 34" BTS RM Tells the Real Number of Wireless Earbuds He Has Lost So Far

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 5, 2021

"It's Not 34" BTS RM Tells the Real Number of Wireless Earbuds He Has Lost So Far
RM of K-pop boy group BTS shared how many wireless earbuds he has lost so far. 

On October 4, RM communicated with fans through an official online fan community. 

While RM was active on the fan community, one fan asked, "So, how many Buds have you lost?" 

RM laughingly answered, "Previously, I said I lost 34 AirPods. Since then, my friends have been treating me like I'm stupid." 

He continued, "I lost like 10 of them, not 34. I exaggerated it before. I only lost like three Buds though. Samsung gave me a lot of them, so it's all good." 
RMThe public sees RM as the BTS leader who is perfect at everything, including performing, learning a language, making a speech and so on. 

However, fans know there is the other side to him; that is clumsy and forgetful Nam-joon (RM's real name). 

RM often makes unexpected tiny mistakes, loses his items, and is just not so great at handling things. 
RMThere were times when he had lost his bag, phone, and even passport while on a trip abroad that he had to return to Korea before other members of BTS.

He would drop food on the floor when he eats, try to plug a wrong size of the cord into the outlet, struggle to turn a machine on, break things and more.

But fans believe this is one of the incredible charms that RM has, and they truly love this side of Nam-joon as well as flawless RM when working. 
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