VIDEO: 'Squid Game' Wi Ha-jun Shows Off His Fascinating Dancing Skills

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 5, 2021

VIDEO: 'Squid Game' Wi Ha-jun Shows Off His Fascinating Dancing Skills
Actor Wi Ha-jun wowed everyone with his unbelievable dancing skills. 

On October 1, Wi Ha-jun updated his Instagram with a new video. 

The video showed Wi Ha-jun dancing in the corner of a quiet street at night. 
Wi Ha-junDressed in a comfortable outfit, the actor starts dancing powerfully to the song 'Hey Mama'. 

'Hey Mama' is a song from a popular survival show 'Street Woman Fighter' that is broadcast on Mnet at the moment. 

As the show gained much public interest, many celebrities have done the 'Hey Mama Challenge', and Wi Ha-jun finally joined the challenge. 

Wi Ha-jun was somewhat playful during the dance, but his dance was surprisingly eye-catching. 
Wi Ha-junIt turned out Wi Ha-jun was part of a dance club back when he was in school. 

In his past interview, Wi Ha-jun stated, "My friends and I made a dance club at our school when I was in middle school. I really loved the attention that I got when I performed." 

He laughingly continued, "At that time, I thought to myself, 'I don't know what exactly I want to do, but a K-pop star would be cool, or I want to become famous somehow.'" 

Currently, Wi Ha-jun is in the talk of the town following his appearance in the global sensation 'Squid Game' by Netflix. 

In 'Squid Game', Wi Ha-jun plays the role of a young detective named 'Hwang Jun-ho' who infiltrates the 'game' in search of his older brother. 

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