Jay Park Talks About the Negative Comments He Made About Korea that Made Him Leave 2PM

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 7, 2021

Jay Park Talks About the Negative Comments He Made About Korea that Made Him Leave 2PM
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park shared thoughts about his past negative comments about Korea. 

On October 1, Netflix shared the first episode of the original show 'Paik's Spirit', which Jay Park and hip-hop artist Loco made a guest appearance. 

While drinking over a meal, Loco mentioned the time when Jay Park was heavily criticized for his past remark. 
LocoBack in 2009, unfavorable comments towards Korea were found on Jay Park's personal social media from 2005 when he had just begun training at JYP Entertainment. 

The comments were written in English to a friend that said, "Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I want to go back.", and they quickly spread online after being found. 

Only about three days later, he exited his group 2PM and returned to his hometown Seattle, the United States. 
Jay ParkRegarding this, Jay Park said, "It wasn't my entire decision to come to Korea at first. When I was asked to join JYP Entertainment, my mom suggested I should go for our future. My family was financially struggling a lot in Seattle, and she thought I would be able to earn good money if I had gone there." 

He continued, "There were many popular artists at JYP Entertainment, so... I didn't know much about JYP Entertainment or Korea, but I went for my family. The life in Korea was very different to how I thought it would be though." 

He went on, "Not only was it my first time living away from my family and friends, but I also had given up everything in Seattle for that. So, it wasn't very easy for me; the cultural difference and all. I may complain about that to my friends back in the States, you know, and that was what those were." 
Jay Park"After I started gaining attention as the leader of 2PM, someone had dug those comments up from the social media that I no longer used, and it became an issue. At that time, people kept saying, 'Jay Park hates Korea and Koreans.', but that can't be true because my parents are Koreans, and I'm Korean myself.", he resumed. 

Jay Park wrapped up his story by saying, "Anyway, I was ignorant and thoughtless then. I was too young and words definitely came out wrong. I think I expected everyone to live like how I knew life. I was too selfish. I had never been out of Seattle, so I couldn't see and take in the world outside my boundaries. I admit that it was wrong of me." 

Following his story, Jay Park left his seat to use the restroom. 

That was when the host Paik Jong-won commented to his friend, "Isn't he so mature for his age? I love the way he thinks. I drink with him every now and then, but he never makes a single mistake while we drink together." 

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