"Have I Done Something that Wrong...?" SUNMI Responds to Haters' Comments

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 14, 2021

"Have I Done Something that Wrong...?" SUNMI Responds to Haters' Comments
K-pop artist SUNMI gave her response to haters' comments online. 

On October 11, SUNMI shared screenshots of hate comments that were posted on a popular online community. 

The hate comments included comments such as, "How can I kill this SUNMI bxxxh?", "SUNMI, don't even think about releasing a new album. I'm going to cuss on streaming sites." and more. 
SUNMIAfter these screenshots, SUNMI wrote, "What have I done to deserve this? What shall I do to mend this?" 

The K-pop artist continued, "I wonder what made them to want to hate me this much to the point they want to kill me. Is it because of the judging criteria on 'Girls Planet 999' that I made in the first episode?" 

She resumed, "Since the first episode, I've been trying to say things that all viewers can relate. In order to do that, I've monitored the show a lot." 

She went on, "I tried to put my heart in every word that I say, and always think about what I could say to the girls for them for their best. Please just give them your support." 
SUNMICurrently, SUNMI features in Mnet's survival audition show 'Girls Planet 999' as one of the judges. 

During the first episode, SUNMI stated, "I want to find the charms that each participant has. I want to see what energy each of the 99 girls give off." 

She was criticized by some fans of 'Girls Planet 999' regarding her statement. 

Many fans' hearts broke upon seeing her response to hate comments. 
SUNMI(Credit= 'miyayeah' Instagram, 'miyaohyeah' Twitter) 

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