Lee Hanee Says, "I Don't Recall Seeing a Handsome Guy like Lee Sang Yun at SNU"

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 15, 2021

Lee Hanee Says, "I Don't Recall Seeing a Handsome Guy like Lee Sang Yun at SNU"
Actress Lee Hanee shared that she does not recall seeing a good-looking guy like actor Lee Sang Yun at Seoul National University. 

On October 14, a YouTube channel MMTG uploaded a video of interviewer Jaejae speaking to the leads of SBS' drama 'One the Woman'―Lee Hanee and Lee Sang Yun. 

As the two stars attended Seoul National University (SNU) around the same time, they were asked if they knew each other back then. 

Lee Hanee majored in Korean Traditional Music and Lee Sang Yun studied Physics at SNU. 
Lee HaneeLee Hanee answered, "You know when Sang Yun wears a suit, he looks incredible. His tall figure and long legs are highlighted so well then. When I was at SNU, there was nobody like that." 

She continued, "I actually asked him this before. I was like, 'Where were you when you were in school?' He told me that he was really quiet back then." 

She went on, "Even if we were in different departments, I feel like I should have known a guy like that though. I mean, it's strange that I don't know, because I knew everybody." 
Lee HaneeThen, the actress asked Lee Sang Yun, "How did you hide your good looks? It's something that's not really possible. It's very hard to hide an appearance like that. Did you wear those oversized glasses?" 

Lee Sang Yun laughed and answered, "Yes, you are right. I used to wear oversized glasses because I have bad eyesight." 

Lee Hanee responded, "I knew it! He's been hiding from us the whole time there. It's hard to find, but there is always a 'jewel' like Sang Yun at university."
Lee HaneeTo this, Jaejae commented, "But I feel like you were easy to be noticed since you like to play basketball and stuff, Sang Yun. Didn't you attract all the attention when you were at the court?" 

Lee Hanee shook her head side-to-side and stated, "No, Jaejae. I think I know what kind of guy he was then. Guys like him play basketball with his glasses on, because he's afraid he won't be able to score well otherwise." 

As Lee Sang Yun listened to her remark, he laughed and nodded hard as if he was saying, "How did you know?" 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube) 

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