Wi Ha-jun Tells Which Scene in 'Squid Game' He Found the Hardest to Film

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 19, 2021

Wi Ha-jun Tells Which Scene in 'Squid Game' He Found the Hardest to Film
Actor Wi Ha-jun shared which scene in 'Squid Game' he found the hardest to film. 

On October 12, news outlet Deadline released an interview of Wi Ha-jun online. 

During the interview, Wi Ha-jun spoke about his appearance in Netflix's series 'Squid Game', which is sweeping the world at the moment. 

In 'Squid Game', Wi Ha-jun played the role of a young detective named 'Hwang Jun-ho' who infiltrates the 'game' in search of his older brother. 
Wi Ha-junWi Ha-jun said, "I like 'Squid Game' kind of genre myself and I was fascinated by the script, revealing this shocking event from the eyes of an owl―as an outsider." 

He continued, "That was what captured me and was why I decided to join the project. I also have quite a lot of similarities with 'Jun-ho'. To start with, I have an older brother who I'm very close to."

He went on, "I, too, put high value in the orders, rules and disciplines that are in this world. I was told often that I should become an officer, soldier or legal practitioner." 
Wi Ha-junThen, Wi Ha-jun was talked about being behind a mask for the majority of the series. 

The actor said, "It was quite challenging to wear the mask for that long, particularly since I had to act underneath it. I was always going into the shooting with a lot of tension." 

He resumed, "Even if I try hard and perform with my facial expressions and gaze, it didn't come through outside the mask. It didn't really show well on the screen." 

He added, "So, I had to make excessive gestures to compensate for the loss of my facial expression and gaze. I would turn my head more dramatically and stuff like that." 
Wi Ha-junAfter that, Wi Ha-jun was asked which scene he found the most difficult to shoot. 

Wi Ha-jun answered, "The most challenging scene to shoot was the one where I made an underwater escape wearing scuba gear. I haven't mentioned this in other interviews, but I have a serious fear of water. It took a lot of time to overcome that fear." 

"I took quite a few swimming lessons to shoot that scene, but I was able to complete it well, so I'm very happy about the outcome.", he commented. 

(Credit= Netflix Korea, 'wi__wi__wi' Instagram) 

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