Kim Seon Ho Admits to His Past Wrongdoings that His Ex-girlfriend Exposed on Sunday

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 20, 2021

Kim Seon Ho Admits to His Past Wrongdoings that His Ex-girlfriend Exposed on Sunday
Actor Kim Seon Ho shared an official apology following his recent controversies. 

Previously on October 17, a woman claiming to be actor K's ex-girlfriend exposed his private life on a popular online community. 

She said that her and K secretly started dating each other in early 2020, and broke up about four months ago. 

According to her, K made her to have an abortion after she unexpectedly got pregnant, lied about getting married and made her sacrifice everything for him just because he was a 'superstar'. 

She also noted that she was disgusted to see him acting all innocent and nice on television when he is a completely different person in real life, who was even gaslighting her while they were together. 

As she gave some clues about K, many began to wonder if it was Kim Seon Ho. 

Despite falling under suspicion, Kim Seon Ho nor his management agency gave their response to the matter. 

Then on October 19, Kim Seon Ho's management agency SALT Entertainment stated, "We are still working on to find out if the online post is true. Please be more patient."  
Kim Seon HoFinally, in the morning of October 20, Kim Seon Ho officially responded to the ongoing heated issue. 

Kim Seon Ho said, "First, I'm sorry for making such a late response. After my name was being mentioned, I felt fear. It was the kind of fear that I'd never experienced before that I couldn't come forward until now." 

He continued, "It's true that I was in a relationship, and had good feelings for her. But I hurt her feelings because of my inconsiderate and careless behavior." 

He went on, "I want to apologize to her in person, and I'm waiting for that moment to arrive. For the time being, I would like to sincerely apologize to her through this." 

Then, Kim Seon Ho also apologized to his fans, co-workers and staff who he work with. 

The actor said, "I'm very sorry for disappointing everyone who trusted and supported me. I was able to come this far as actor Kim Seon Ho all thanks to you, but I had forgotten about that. I'm sorry for causing inconvenience to my co-workers and staff as well." 

He added, "I would like to make a genuine apology to everybody who I hurt. I know there is no way my words here will fully reach your hearts, but I'm really sorry. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart." 
Kim Seon HoKim Seon Ho made his debut as a theater actor in 2009. 

His popularity skyrocketed after his appearance in the drama 'Start-up', that aired in the end of last year. 

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