"I Recently Went for a Visit and..." Brian Tells How Popular 'Squid Game' Is in the U.S.

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 20, 2021

"I Recently Went for a Visit and..." Brian Tells How Popular 'Squid Game' Is in the U.S.
K-pop boy duo Fly to the Sky's member Brian talked about getting a firsthand experience of 'Squid Game's skyrocketing popularity in the United States. 

On October 20 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', Brian made a guest appearance.

During the talk, Brian revealed that he recently returned from the United States after seeing his family. 

Brian said, "I decided to go to the States, because my grandma wasn't feeling so well. It wasn't easy for me to take a long time off at once, but I did this time. I stayed for weeks." 
BrianIn the United States, Brian shared that 'Squid Game's popularity was not only unexpected, but was also on another level. 

Brian said, "I actually got to watch 'Squid Game' due to recommendations by non-Koreans. When I told them that I was from Korea, they would talk about 'Squid Game', like everybody did that." 

The K-pop star continued, "One day, I got home and turned on Netflix. 'Squid Game' was on it. I was like, 'Oh, this was what they were talking about.'" 
BrianHe went on, "That was like the first day when it was released, before the media in Korea even started talking about it that much. The people in the States were fast to watch the series." 

He added, "I was staying at my parents' house, and on that day, my parents happened to get into a big fight with each other. So, I just quietly stayed in my room and watched the whole series all night." 
BrianPremiered on September 17, 'Squid Game' is a Netflix's series in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children's games in order to win a ton of cash, while risking their lives. 

It is currently one of the most-watched series on Netflix; it drew 111 million viewers in the first month, landing the top spot in the streaming service's history. 

(Credit= 'thebrianjoo' 'netflixkr' Instagram, SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show) 

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