Lee Jung Jae Gets a Special Selfie Lesson from a Photographer

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 20, 2021

Lee Jung Jae Gets a Special Selfie Lesson from a Photographer
Actor Lee Jung Jae received a special selfie lesson from a photographer. 

On October 19, Lee Jung Jae shared photos of himself on Instagram. 

The first photo was of Lee Jung Jae getting a photography lesson from photographer Oh Joong-seok.

The next photo was a close shot of Lee Jung Jae that the photographer took of him. 

In the last photo, Lee Jung Jae took a selfie with the photographer. 
Lee Jung JaeAlong with these photos, Lee Jung Jae said, "I'm learning how to take good selfies from photographer Oh Joong-seok." 

He continued, "I fully understand why fans told me not to take a selfie horizontally now." 
Lee Jung JaeLee Jung JaeRecently, after Lee Jung Jae made his Instagram account and uploaded his selfies, everyone has been talking about them. 

It was because his selfies were such 'dad' selfies. 

He made himself look like a regular guy next door in his selfies due to the poor angle and pose that he was making. 

Following that, fans left comments telling him things like, "Please do not use your handsome face like that!", "You need to learn how to take selfies!" and so on. 
Lee Jung Jae(Credit= 'from_jjlee' Instagram) 

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