SiWon Says He Does Not Eat/Drink with a Female Friend Alone When He Has a Girlfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 21, 2021

SiWon Says He Does Not Eat/Drink with a Female Friend Alone When He Has a Girlfriend
SiWon of K-pop boy group Super Junior shared that he does not eat or drink with a female friend alone when he is in a relationship. 

On October 19 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', SiWon and Jung Yong Hwa of boy band CNBLUE made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host Lee Sang Min mentioned SiWon's good manners. 

Lee Sang Min said, "SiWon has such great manners. Did you guys see earlier? As soon as he saw some cream on my lips when I was eating a cake, he gave me a tissue." 
Four MenSiWon awkwardly laughed and responded, "Actually, I have something to say about that. There was this person I've known for a long time." 

He resumed, "The other day, we were in the same building when it was pouring outside. I had an umbrella, but he/she didn't. So, I held my umbrella for him/her and walked to the car together." 

He went on, "While walking there, he/she was like, 'Why are you doing that for me?' I didn't know how to respond then, so I said nothing and just gave him/her the umbrella and left." 

"But his/her reaction to the action that I thought were just well-mannered behavior kind of shocked me. His/her words were unpleasant. They made me feel kind of annoyed, I think.", he added.
Four MenThen, SiWon was asked whether he shows manners like that to all girls when he has a girlfriend. 

SiWon answered, "No, certainly not. That would be considered being rude to my own girlfriend." 

He continued, "When I have a girlfriend, I don't go out for a meal with a female friend by ourselves. I also don't drink with a female friend alone. I try to make myself unapproachable to other girls when I'm in a relationship." 
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