VIDEO: IU Shares that Her Hair Makes Her Want to Cry Every Day These Days

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 21, 2021

VIDEO: IU Shares that Her Hair Makes Her Want to Cry Every Day These Days
K-pop artist IU shared that she wants to cry every day because of her hair these days. 

On October 19, a new video was uploaded on IU's official YouTube channel. 

In this video, IU was seen talking about her hair while getting her hair done for her music video 'strawberry moon'. 

IU said, "I actually thought about cutting my hair short for the next scene, but I'm thinking about it again. I know I look good with a short hair, and many want to see me with a short hair again, but..."

She continued, "There are only a limited number of hairstyles that I could show with a short hair, so it's really hard to decide on this." 
IUIUThen, IU revealed she has been growing her hair since 'Love poem'. 

The K-pop artist said, "Since then, I've dyed my hair blue, light purple, and also permed my hair. So, it's currently really damaged to the point it just can't go back to how it was with any products or treatments out there."  

She resumed, "I want to use a conditioner to at least make it a little softer, but I haven't been able to do so for about the past year because of an allergy. Every night when I wash my hair, I'm like almost crying." 

She pulled a sad face and added, "It hurts my arms to wash my hair as my hair has become the completely opposite of soft. I feel like crying when I'm drying my hair as well. I hate how it feels. Gosh, even thinking about washing and drying my hair make me feel so upset." 

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube)

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