'Squid Game' Anupam Tripathi Thanks His Korean Friends for Their Endless Support

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 25, 2021

'Squid Game' Anupam Tripathi Thanks His Korean Friends for Their Endless Support
Korea-based Indian actor Anupam Tripathi expressed gratitude to his Korean friends for giving him so much support. 

On October 22 episode of MBC's television show 'I Live Alone', Anupam Tripathi made a guest appearance. 

In this episode, Anupam Tripathi talked about his life in Korea that he began in 2010. 

Anupam Tripathi moved to Korea after his friend recommended that he get a scholarship from Korea National University of Arts, which is the top arts university in Korea. 

Following the completion of his Bachelor's in Acting at Korea University of Arts, he recently started doing his Master's in Acting at the university. 
Anupam TripathiAnupam Tripathi said, "I've been living in Korea for about 11 years now. When I first came to Korea, it wasn't all so easy." 

The actor continued, "For the first three months, I cried every single day. I kept questioning myself whether it really was the right choice for me to come and study here." 

He went on, "I honestly couldn't have made it this far without my friends from Korea National University of Arts. They have been really nice to me since my first day there." 

He added, "I tried to be positive as possible, but it was difficult. However, my friends helped me get through those tough times. They've always been supportive of me as well. I'm thankful for that." 
Anupam TripathiAnupam Tripathi made debut with a minor role in sensational movie 'Ode to My Father' in 2014, then continued playing minor roles in other hit movies including 'The Phone' (2015), 'Heart Blackened' (2017), 'SPACE SWEEPERS' (2020) and more. 

He recently gained attention for his role in Netflix's hit series 'Squid Game' where he played the role of a struggling Pakistani migrant worker 'Ali Abdul'. 
Anupam Tripathi(Credit= MBC I Live Alone, 'sangipaiya' Instagram) 

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