'The Forever 2NE1-bond' CL Receives Touching Messages from Park Bom

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 26, 2021

'The Forever 2NE1-bond' CL Receives Touching Messages from Park Bom
CL and Park Bom of disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1 boasted their rock-solid friendship. 

On October 23, CL updated her Instagram with a screenshot of her mobile messages. 

They were from and to 'My Bom Unnie' with a cherry emoji, which was Park Bom.
Park Bom and CLIn Park Bom's messages, she said, "Chae-lin (CL's real name), I just couldn't help but to make comments about this. You are just too awesome!" 

She continued, "I loved your interviews, and your performances were amazing. I think I'm going to become a fan of yours!" 

Lastly, she added, "It seems like your album's being promoted well as well. Your songs are so great! Hwaiting hwaiting yayaya!" 

In CL's reply to these messages, she said, "Unnie! Thank you so much! I miss you! Hwaiting hwaiting yayaya!" 
Park Bom and CLBack on October 20, CL dropped her new solo studio album 'Alpha'. 

Since the release, she has been busy promoting 'Alpha' by holding lots of interviews and performances. 

It looked like Park Bom wanted to be supportive of CL, and 2NE1's ongoing strong bond is making many fans feel soft at the moment. 

(Credit= 'chaelincl' Instagram) 

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