VIDEO: "The Winner Is..." Kang Daniel Gets His Revenge After 4 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 27, 2021

VIDEO: "The Winner Is..." Kang Daniel Gets His Revenge After 4 Years
K-pop artist Kang Daniel got his sweet revenge after four years. 

On October 26, the last episode of Mnet's survival show 'Street Woman Fighter' was broadcast. 

The broadcast was aired live to reveal the winning team of 'Street Woman Fighter'. 

During the live broadcast, the host Kang Daniel made everybody laugh with his words. 
Street Woman FighterWhen he was about to announce the winner of the show, he said, "The winner of 'Street Woman Fighter' is..." 

Then, he let tense music play for about 20 seconds without saying anything, making everyone feel nervous. 

But instead of telling them which team won, he said, "It will be revealed soon.", then let the advertisements roll. 
Street Woman FighterBack in 2017, Kang Daniel was a 'victim' of this 'mean' commercial break. 

At that time, he was one of the contestants of Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce 101 Season 2'. 

In the final episode, which was also aired live, him and another contestant Park Ji Hoon nervously waited for the first place announcement to be made. 

When it seemed like it was going to be unveiled soon, the host BoA told the boys, "It will be revealed soon."

As Kang Daniel heard this, he awkwardly laughed in frustration. 
Four years later, Kang Daniel managed to pay that back through 'Street Woman Fighter', and fans are all laughing about it. 

They are saying things like, "Seriously, 'Produce 101 Season 2' was much worse than this. We can't even call this a revenge!", "Haha payback time! He totally deserved it!", "Yes, thank you Mnet for finally giving him the opportunity to get his revenge!" and more. 

(Credit= Mnet Street Woman Fighter/Produce 101 Season 2, '' Instagram) 

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