VIDEO: SEVENTEEN DK Drops His Phone & Breaks the Screen

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 29, 2021

VIDEO: SEVENTEEN DK Drops His Phone & Breaks the Screen
DK of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN was spotted dropping his phone and breaking the screen of it. 

In the early morning of October 29, the members of SEVENTEEN headed to KBS to record a music show 'Music Bank'. 

As their van stopped in front of the KBS headquarters, they got out of the van one by one. 

WOOZI got out first, then DK followed him. 
SEVENTEENAs soon as DK stepped down the van though, he happened to drop his phone on the floor of the underground parking lot. 

It dropped hard and DK seemed a little taken aback. 

When he picked up his phone, it was heavily cracked. 

But it looked like DK was too busy then to notice the cracks at that exact moment. 
SEVENTEENSEVENTEENFans also discovered this later on, and they could not stop laughing. 

They left comments such as, "Haha he must've cried after finding that out!", "Oh man! lol Sorry for laughing, but it's just making me laugh so much!", "Don't cry, oppa. We've all been there." and so on. 
(Credit= 'doublestar_mgdk' 'chrryeosang' 'delightshua' Twitter, Online Community) 

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