Chung Kyung-ho ♥ Sooyoung Spotted Sharing a Sweet Phone Conversation

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 1, 2021

Chung Kyung-ho ♥ Sooyoung Spotted Sharing a Sweet Phone Conversation
Actor Chung Kyung-ho and his longtime girlfriend Sooyoung of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared the sweetest phone conversation. 

On October 29 episode of tvN's television show 'Mountain Life', Chung Kyung-ho and another actor Kim Dae-myung sat down for chi-maek (chicken and beer) while watching the sun go down. 

Chung Kyung-ho watched the beautiful sunset and took some photos. 

Then he said, "Wow, Sooyoung would love to see this." 
Chung Kyung-hoAs he said this, he received a video call from Sooyoung. 

He jumped in surprise, and commented, "Oh my! She called me!" 

When he picked up her call, he immediately said, "Babe, I was just watching the sunset and saying how you will love it. Then you called me. Look at the sunset." 
Chung Kyung-hoSooyoung responded, "Wow, the sunset is insanely beautiful. What are you two up to?" 

Chung Kyung-ho answered, "We are having some chicken together." 

That was when Kim Dae-myung broke in and said, "We bought it at the terminal nearby." 
Chung Kyung-hoAfter listening to Kim Dae-myung, Chung Kyung-ho playfully gave him a death stare and made a hilarious remark. 

He said, "Why does your voice sound cute? Why are you trying to be cute to my girlfriend?" 

Kim Dae-myung laughed and answered, "Can't I be cute? Is it not allowed?", making Sooyoung burst into laughter. Chung Kyung-hoChung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung started dating each other in 2012, and they made their relationship public in January 2014.

(Credit= tvN Mountain Life, 'sooyoungchoi' Instagram) 

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