VIDEO: MOON BIN & MOON SUA's Past Video of Them Performing at Home Makes Fans Smile

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 2, 2021

VIDEO: MOON BIN & MOON SUA's Past Video of Them Performing at Home Makes Fans Smile
MOON BIN of K-pop boy group ASTRO and MOON SUA of upcoming girl group Billlie's cute past video is in the center of attention. 

Since MOON SUA is about to finally make her debut following her 13-year long trainee life, some of her past photos and videos caught the attention of fans. 

One of them that caught the fans eye the most was a video that was filmed at home of her performing in front of her parents. 
MOON SUAWhen MOON SUA excitedly dances and sings, her older brother MOON BIN comes and joins the performance. 

But it seems like she wants to have all the attention as well as the stage to herself, because she just pushes him away hard. 

As MOON BIN tries to join her performance again, she keeps pushing him away while saying, "Stop it!", but keeping the smile on her face. 
MOON SUAThen another video plays where this time, MOON BIN steals the scene in the house with his adorable performance. 

But then MOON SUA covers the camera and disturbs him.

MOON BIN also is seen pushing MOON SUA away so that he can have the living room to himself. 

Their cute video quickly went viral online, and everybody is non-stop commenting on how cute they are in it. 
MOON BIN initially made debut as a child actor in 2009; after his training at Fantagio, he debuted as a member of ASTRO in February 2016. 

MOON SUA was a YG Entertainment trainee for 11 years before she moved to her current management agency MYSTIC STORY in 2019.

Her group Billlie is scheduled to make their K-pop debut in November 2021. 

(Credit= Online Community, 'offclASTRO' Twitter) 

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