RAIN Expresses His Love for Kim Tae-hee on Her Instagram

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 5, 2021

RAIN Expresses His Love for Kim Tae-hee on Her Instagram
Singer RAIN showed love for his wife actress Kim Tae-hee on her Instagram. 

On November 5, Kim Tae-hee updated her Instagram for the first time in almost eight months. 

The photos were of Kim Tae-hee posing for a photoshoot. 

She was wearing three different types of dresses that highlight her elegant beauty, and looked absolutely stunning in them. 
Kim Tae-heeKim Tae-heeUnder this photo, Kim Tae-hee wrote, "It's been a while, hasn't it? I looked for Instagram on my phone for ages, because I couldn't find it. It's been that long, I guess." 

She continued, "Yesterday, I went to a photo studio for a photoshoot. That also had been a while for me. It was so peaceful at the studio." 

She went on, "Days go really fast these days. I hope I'll have more time to share more photos with you. I hope to make a comeback with a new project soon as well." 

Lastly, the actress added, "The weather has suddenly become chilly. Take good care of yourselves so that you don't catch a cold!" 
Kim Tae-heeThousands of comments were left under this post, and one of them caught the most attention. 

It was a comment made by RAIN, which he excitedly wrote, "Oh, what?!!!! Tae-hee, you are so pretty!!!!!" 

Then, he added over 25 red heart emojis next to his comment. 
Kim Tae-heeRAIN and Kim Tae-hee got married in January 2017. 

The couple have two daughters, who were born in October 2017 and September 2019.

(Credit= 'kimtaehee99' Instagram, Coupang) 

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