One Trainee Who Got Into SM·JYP·YG Share Why She Left the Agencies

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 8, 2021

One Trainee Who Got Into SM·JYP·YG Share Why She Left the Agencies
K-pop trainee Lee Ji-woo shared why she left SM, JYP and YG Entertainment.  

Recently, MBC's upcoming television show 'My Teenage Girl' shared a teaser video online. 

In the teaser video, Lee Ji-woo was seen speaking to psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun-young about her life as a trainee. 

Lee Ji-woo said, "I started training to make K-pop debut at SM Entertainment at first. But I moved to JYP Entertainment only a few months later. I got into the acting part there, not K-pop." 

She continued, "I got into YG Entertainment following that, but left soon after. This all happened within a year. I was 15 years old." 
Lee Ji-wooThen, Lee Ji-woo explained why she made a choice to leave such big agencies where all K-pop trainees dream of entering, "When I was there, I felt so much pressure that I was scared to dance." 

She explained further, "At the end of every month, I had to dance in front of the other trainees as well as my trainers. I just couldn't do that. I felt scared to dance with them looking at me." 
Lee Ji-wooLee Ji-woo revealed that she dreamed of becoming a K-pop star for a long time since when she was young. 

The trainee said, "It's been my dream for so long, but I couldn't overcome my fear of being judged when I was at those agencies. That's why I walked out of them."

She continued, "As I joined this show, the fear came over me again. I could only dance when I was alone, so I practiced choreographies after returning home, until like three to four in the morning." 

She added, "Even though I've tried hard, it felt like my dance skills weren't making any improvements. I also felt upset when the dance instructors would make negative comments about my dance." 
Lee Ji-woo(Credit= MBC My Teenage Girl) 

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