VIDEO: Lee Jung Jae Wows Everyone with His Fluent English

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 8, 2021

VIDEO: Lee Jung Jae Wows Everyone with His Fluent English
Actor Lee Jung Jae's English fluency is making many surprised. 

On November 5, Lee Jung Jae updated his Instagram with a new video. 

Through the video, Lee Jung Jae thanked 'Squid Game' fans for their endless love and support for the series. 

As Lee Jung Jae walked about outside, he held up his camera in his hand then said, "Hi, everyone. It's me, JJ, 456." 

The actor continued, "Thank you so much for your amazing love and support." 

He added, "I'm so honored for the 'Gotham' nominations. I truly hope to see all of you in person very soon. Thank you. Bless you!" 
Lee Jung JaeAs Lee Jung Jae spoke, he did not even stop and think of what to say next; his words definitely did not look memorized. 

His English speaking skills have never really been revealed in the past, so many were surprised that he was this fluent in English. 

After watching this video, fans left comments such as, "Oh, wow. He's already ready to go to Hollywood!", "I had no idea his English was fluent!", "When did you become so fluent in English, oppa?!" and so on. 

Recently, Netflix's international hit series 'Squid Game', starring Lee Jung Jae, was nominated in two categories at an annual American film awards '2021 Gotham Awards'. 

It was listed in the section of 'Breakthrough Series ― Long Format', and Lee Jung Jae became one of the candidates for 'Outstanding Performance in a New Series'. 

(Credit= 'from_jjlee' Instagram, Netflix Korea) 

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