VIDEO: IU Sings for Lee Jee Hoon & His Wife at Their Wedding Ceremony

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 9, 2021

VIDEO: IU Sings for Lee Jee Hoon & His Wife at Their Wedding Ceremony
K-pop artist IU sang a sweet song for actor Lee Jee Hoon and his wife at their wedding ceremony. 

On November 8, Lee Jee Hoon married his Japanese non-celebrity wife at one wedding hall in Seoul. 

On this day, IU and theater actor Kai sang to congratulate the couple. 
IUIU sang 'Meaning of You', which was released in May 2014. 

'Meaning of You' has a soft melody and sweet lyrics that is perfect for a couple about to start a new life together. 

The lyrics go, "You are the sweetest wind that unexpectedly blew to me.", "Every word and smile of yours mean so much to me.", "Everything about you is coming to me." and so on. 
IUBefore IU started singing, she said, "Lee Jee Hoon has asked me if I could sing at his wedding months in advance. Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful wedding, and I'm glad to be singing for you two." 

She continued, "You know, some say that if you get married on a rainy day, you'll be happier with each other. I hope you two will live happily ever after." 

Following her words, she began singing 'Meaning of You', while facing the couple. 

Even though it may have been hard for her to sing well with the mask on, she sounded completely flawless from the beginning until the end. 

IU and Lee Jee Hoon starred in KBS' 2013 drama 'You Are the Best!' together. 

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