CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Breaks His Finger While Climbing with AOA Seolhyun

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 9, 2021

CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Breaks His Finger While Climbing with AOA Seolhyun
Kang Min Hyuk of K-pop boy band CNBLUE fractured his finger while climbing with Seolhyun of girl group AOA. 

Previously on November 5, Kang Min Hyuk updated his Instagram with X-ray which showed his broken finger. 

Along with the X-ray, Kang Min Hyuk wrote, "My most recent YouTube video shows why my finger is fractured. My pretty fingers look pretty on the X-ray." 

He continued, "My fingers hurt so much while I was climbing, but I kept going, not knowing that one of them was broken." 

He resumed, "It's been like a month, but the fracture apparently still isn't closed yet. Close, close, close, close, please close!" 
Kang Min HyukIn Kang Min Hyuk's YouTube video, he was seen visiting Boramae Park with Seolhyun to try climbing. 

Even though he struggled to reach the top of the structure along the way, he managed to hit the very top in the end. 

After he reached back to the ground, he immediately lay on the safety mat and commented, "Wow, I am dying." 

Then he showed his finger to Seolhyun, saying that he thinks there is something wrong with it.

On November 7, Kang Min Hyuk shared photos of him climbing. 

Under these photos, he wrote, "I'm looking for my finger that I left at the top of this structure. It's still not closed." 
Kang Min Hyuk(Credit= '만취민혁 Hobby Binger' YouTube, KBS Brave Family, 'mr_kanggun' Instagram) 

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