Billlie MOON SUA Shares What Kind of Advice & Support ASTRO MOON BIN Gave Her

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 10, 2021

Billlie MOON SUA Shares What Kind of Advice & Support ASTRO MOON BIN Gave Her
MOON SUA of K-pop rookie girl group Billlie shared what sort of advice and support her older brother MOON BIN of boy group ASTRO gave her prior to her debut. 

In the afternoon of November 10, Billlie was revealed to the world for the very first time. 

They were spotted at their showcase for the group's first mini album 'the Billage of perception: chapter one'. 
MOON SUADuring the showcase, MOON SUA shared what advice and support she received from MOON BIN.

MOON SUA said, "MOON BIN usually gives me a lot of advice. This time, regarding my performance for our title track, he gave me advice through a video call." 

The rookie group member continued, "He commented on the overall performance as well as minor details which I also thought I couldn't get the hang of. He walked me through them, and I practiced the moves as he told me to." 

She resumed, "He also has been supporting me by my side for years. He congratulated me on my debut today." 

She added, "I look forward to being on stage, performing with him in the future one day."
MOON SUAMOON BIN initially made debut as a child actor in 2009; after his training at Fantagio, he debuted as a member of ASTRO in February 2016. 

MOON SUA was a YG Entertainment trainee for 11 years before she moved to her current management agency MYSTIC STORY in 2019.

She is one of the K-pop group members who spent the longest as a trainee. 
MOON SUA(Credit= 'offclASTRO' Twitter, 'Billlie.official' Facebook, Online Community) 

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