Wi Ha-jun Named as One of the Sexiest Men on TV by People Magazine

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 11, 2021

Wi Ha-jun Named as One of the Sexiest Men on TV by People Magazine
Actor Wi Ha-jun has become one of the sexiest men you can watch on television now. 

On November 10, American magazine People shared a list of '25 of the Sexiest Men You Can Watch on TV Now'. 

About the list, People wrote, "From fictional firemen who set our hearts ablaze to a French chef who makes our hearts flip like a crêpe, here are the sexiest men on TV in 2021." 
Wi Ha-junPeople did not put the actors in the order of their ranking, but Wi Ha-jun did appear first on the list before any other actors. 

The magazine described Wi Ha-jun as, "This man from 'Squid Game' totally gorgeous and sweet as dalgona candy (Korean toffee candy that featured in 'Squid Game'." 

Alongside Wi Ha-jun, there were American comedian Pete Davidson from 'Saturday Night Live', British-Canadian actor Scott Speedman from 'Grey's Anatomy', French actor Lucas Bravo from 'Emily in Paris' and more. 
Wi Ha-junCurrently, Wi Ha-jun is in the talk of the town following his appearance in the global sensation 'Squid Game' by Netflix. 

Released on September 17, 'Squid Game' is a drama in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children's games in order to win a ton of cash. 

In 'Squid Game', Wi Ha-jun played the role of a young detective named 'Hwang Jun-ho' who infiltrates the 'game' in search of his older brother. 

Wi Ha-jun made his official acting debut with a movie 'Coin Locker Girl' in 2015. 
Wi Ha-jun(Credit= 'wi__wi__wi' Instagram, Netflix Korea)

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