Lee Ji-ahn Shares Her Brother Lee Byung Hun Has an IQ Score over 150

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 11, 2021

Lee Ji-ahn Shares Her Brother Lee Byung Hun Has an IQ Score over 150
Model Lee Ji-ahn shared that her older brother actor Lee Byung Hun has an IQ score over 150. 

On November 10 episode of MBC's television show 'South Korean Foreigners', Lee Ji-ahn made a guest appearance. 
Lee Ji-ahnDuring the talk, Lee Ji-ahn spoke about her childhood with Lee Byung Hun. 

Lee Ji-ahn said, "My IQ score is 148, but Lee Byung Hun's is higher. All my family members are pretty smart." 

She continued, "When Lee Byung Hun was in school, he used to be one of the top students in the whole school. He was also the class president. He was really popular." 

She went on, "But I didn't really like to study. My test scores would go up and down pretty dramatically depending on whether I studied for the tests or not." 
Lee Ji-ahnThen, Lee Ji-ahn was asked what kind of brother Lee Byung Hun was to her. 

Lee Ji-ahn said, "He used to give me long lectures all the time. He would tell me off whenever I came home late at night as welll." 

She added, "I had a curfew until I was in my mid-30s.", which surprised the hosts and other guests. 

But the actress said Lee Byung Hun was a funny brother to her at the same time. 

She said, "Lee Byung Hun was always trying to make our family members laugh. He liked making us laugh." 
Lee Ji-ahn(Credit= MBC South Korean Foreigners, Online Community) 

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