BTS 'Spring Day' Producer Melts Son Dong Woon·Yang Yo Seop's Hearts with a Fan Song

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 11, 2021

BTS 'Spring Day' Producer Melts Son Dong Woon·Yang Yo Seop's Hearts with a Fan Song
Producer-turned-singer ADORA melted Son Dong Woon and Yang Yo Seop of K-pop boy group Highlight's hearts with a song for them.  

Not too long ago, one YouTube channel shared a video of ADORA meeting the members of her favorite group Highlight. 

ADORA is a singer who used to be a music producer under Big Hit Entertainment. 

When she was at Big Hit Entertainment, she made songs for groups such as BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, GFRIEND and more. 

Some of her notable songs are 'Spring Day', 'Not Today', 'Seesaw', 'Magic Island' and so on.  
HighlightIn this video, ADORA was seen meeting Son Dong Woon and Yang Yo Seop, then played them a song that she wrote for them back in when she was in middle school in 2011. 

Even though she was really young then, her work was beyond amazing that Son Dong Woon and Yang Yo Seop could not stop going, "Wow." 
HighlightAfter the fan song that she made in 2011, she played a new fan song for them that she recently wrote. 

She explained that she made the new song in celebration of Highlight's 12th debut anniversary. 

The two Highlight members focused on listening to the melody as well as lyrics. 

When the song ended, Son Dong Woon noticed the tears in Yang Yo Seop's eyes. 

Son Dong Woon said to Yang Yo Seop, "I mean, I almost cried as well, but don't cry." 

Yang Yo Seop commented, "I had to try really hard to stop myself from crying. I'm so touched. Thank you."  

(Credit= '딩고 뮤직 / dingo music' YouTube) 

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