"Oh, Wow!" Song Ji-hyo Gives Herself a Makeover

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 15, 2021

"Oh, Wow!" Song Ji-hyo Gives Herself a Makeover
Actress Song Ji-hyo made some dramatic changes to her appearance. 

On November 13, Song Ji-hyo updated her Instagram with four new photos. 

The photos were of herself with a new hairstyle. 

Along with the photos, Song Ji-hyo laughingly wrote, "Oh, I look so good-looking." 
Song Ji-hyoThe photos shocked everyone, because it was not just a new hairstyle but a new 'completely-different' hairstyle. 

In the photos, Song Ji-hyo had a pixie hair cut that was never seen since her debut. 

Ever since she made debut in 2001, she has kept her hair long, at least to her shoulders. 
Song Ji-hyoHer new hairstyle even made her fellow 'Running Man' member HAHA surprised that he went, "What is this!!!???", as soon as he saw the upload. 

Under this post, Song Ji-hyo's followers left comments such as, "Oh my...! Are you preparing for a new drama, unnie?!", "You do look good-looking, indeed!", "Wow, I love you!" and so on. 
Song Ji-hyoSong Ji-hyo(Credit= 'my_songjihyo' Instagram) 

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