Shin Dong-yeop Shares One Creepy Thing that His Close K-pop Star Friend Experienced

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 18, 2021

Shin Dong-yeop Shares One Creepy Thing that His Close K-pop Star Friend Experienced
Entertainer Shin Dong-yeop shared one creepy thing that his close K-pop friend experienced in the past. 

On November 17 episode of TV CHOSUN's television show 'Crazy.Love.X', the hosts and guests discussed stalking, and how common it is in this society than a lot may think. 
Shin Dong-yeopWhile on the topic, Shin Dong-yeop mentioned that his close K-pop star struggles from 'fans' stalking him. 

Shin Dong-yeop said, "Victims get traumatized because of their stalkers, but the problem is, the stalkers themselves think what they are doing is 'being romantic'."

The entertainer continued, "I'm close to this one super-popular K-pop star. He constantly changes his phone number, like too many times. When I asked why he changes it so often, he said it was because of some 'fans'." 

He went on, "He told me, 'Every time I change my number though, I get messages from the same numbers. I get them right when I get out of the telecommunications services store, after changing my number. They message me saying, 'Oh, you changed your number.' It's crazy.' 

He added, "I got goose bumps hearing that. How would he feel? It must be so creepy. He said it creeps him out too." 
Shin Dong-yeopNot just the K-pop star that Shin Dong-yeop is friends with, but a lot of other K-pop stars have previously shared that they suffer because of sasaeng (overly-obesessive) fans. 

Sasaeng fans would sneak into their dorms, continuously calling and messaging them, follow them to undisclosed filming sites and even their private gatherings. 

Some agencies have taken legal actions against them, but there are still many ongoing cases. 
Shin Dong-yeop(Credit= TV CHOSUN Crazy.Love.X) 

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