Han Seon Hwa Still Has the Boots from 'We Got Married' Hwang Kwang Hee?

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 19, 2021

Han Seon Hwa Still Has the Boots from 'We Got Married' Hwang Kwang Hee?
It was revealed that actress Han Seon Hwa still has the boots from K-pop artist Hwang Kwang Hee that he gave her when they filmed 'We Got Married' together. 

Recently, Han Seon Hwa's past Instagram post from two years ago started going viral online. 

The post included a photo of Han Seon Hwa on the street wearing a long dress along with a pair of boots. 

In the caption, Han Seon Hwa wrote, "While my mom was cleaning my room, she said, 'We've got to throw these boots away.'" 

She continued, "But I told her, 'No! I can wear them well.', and this is my first time wearing the boots since I said that to her." 
Han Seon HwaThe boots looked familiar to many fans, and they discovered that they were the boots Han Seon Hwa received from Hwang Kwang Hee back in 2013. 

In 2013, Han Seon Hwa and Hwang Kwang Hee featured in MBC's popular television show 'We Got Married' as a 'married couple'. 

At that time, Hwang Kwang Hee gave these boots to Han Seon Hwa as a surprise gift at the end of their date in Hongdae, Seoul. 
Han Seon HwaWhile they were walking alongside one another in Hongdae, Han Seon Hwa saw the boots and commented almost in a passing remark. 

Hwang Kwang Hee remembered this, and went to the shoe store to get the boots while Han Seon Hwa was at a restaurant. 

Fans were surprised that Han Seon Hwa still kept the boots from Hwang Kwang Hee from years ago, and was even willing to wear them. 
Han Seon Hwa(Credit= 'shh_daily' Instagram, MBC We Got Married) 

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